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About us


At our store, we are passionate about enhancing your independence. We provide home healthcare products to improve your quality of life. We offer GREAT PRICES, easy parking and great selection of hard to find products! We are qualified ,certified medical compression stocking fitters and carry the top brands in home medical care and personal mobility, such as Shoprider, Sigvaris, AMG, Aquasense, Physiologic, M-Brace, Ableware, TheraBand, Sabona, ThermoFlow, UpEasy, Hollister, Airgo, Safehip, ObusForme, DayLight, Convatec, Coloplast, Kego CPAP, Drive, InvaCare, SunBurst, ProActive, AirCast, Trainers Choice, DonJoy, OrthoActive, Evolution, Dana Douglas, TruForm, Jobst, JuxtaLite, MediStik, Kendall, MediStik, Homedics, AirWay, Transcend, Tena, Parsons, Arraby's, Pedifix, Bard,Muko, Maddak, MedPro, UltiCare, LifeSource, Omron, Eclipse Medical, Mobb, Acorn Stairlift, SoulComfort, Zenzation, Zorbi, OrthoFeet, TheraP, TheraSock, Card Health Cares, SmoothToe, Paradigm, Denco, PediFix, DrScholl's, Dr Ho, Spenco, goSeamLess, Cooper, BD PrecisionGlide, Bard, CozyToes, Posey, Silastic, Statlock, Osto-Bond, Urocare, Sensura, Conveen, Dover, Bort Medical, Mansfeld, HandyBar, Rusch, Pari VIOS, IcyHot, KTape, Leukotape, M9, Muko, Spectra 360, Urolux, Loving Comfort and many others.

We also have a wide selection of canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, tansport chairs, transfer belts, transfer benches, wheelchairs, scooters, bath chairs, toilet risers, grab-bars, reachers, commodes, catheters, ostomy bags, leg bags, drainage bags, belly bag, adult diapers, hip protectors, medical seat cushions, cervical collars, carpel tunnel braces, knee braces, tennis elbow (tendonitis) supports, back belts, hernia belts, arthritis gloves, magnetic therapy products, aircasts, ankle locks, sitz baths, traction products, therapy bands, orthotic shoes, diabetic socks, compression stockings, CPAP masks, CPAP pillows, CPAP cleaning wipes, CPAP machines, medical alert bracelets and necklaces (emergency medical identification), syringes and needles, TENS (T.E.N.S) and EMS portable therapy units, Nebulizers, Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, S.A.D. lamps, Hot/Cold packs, first aid supplies, specimen bottles, specimen collection 'hats', portable urinals, vomit bags, foot care products, insoles, toe-straighteners, finger splints, liquid-spillage underpads, sheepskin products, maternity support belts, face/procedure masks, surgical gloves, examination gloves, surgical scrub brush/brush (with nail cleaners), enema kits, peri wash bottles, pill boxes, saline vials, biohazard sharps collectors, Beneprotein, ThickenUp instant food thickener, magnifier loupes, stocking aids, shoehorns, mattress spill protectors, invalid cushions, high-density foam cushions, bed rails, aircast boots, lumbar support bolsters, bed wedge cushions, circulation boosters, massagers, tri-panel knee immobilizers, glycerine swabs, tongue depressors, mouth guards, home drug test kits (detecting Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Cocaine and Opiates all in one), pill cutters, pill crushers, Toomey syringes, catheter tip syringes, Insulin syringes, Alcohol swabs, Betadine wipes, Providone-Iodine prep pads, Intrasite Gel, high capacity super absorbent liners, scooter batteries, copper bracelets, magnetic bracelets, sea-sickness bands, trekking/hiking poles, yoga mats and accessories, snore-no-more/anti-snoring/aromatherapy products, porcupine balls, resistance bands, scalpels, oxygen tank holders, water-based lubricating jelly, hypoallergenic electrically conductive gel, Caviwipes ,rent, urinal, catheter,condom catheter,and many other medical equipment and supplies.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac and cash and are happy to provide you with a detailed personalized receipt in order to assist you with your Bluecross, Pharmacare, Department Of Veterans Affairs, Ministry of Social Development, ESI, ICBC and other insurance company claims.

Our hours of operation are Monday to Wednesday 9:30am to 5:30pm, Thursday and Friday 9:30qm to 9:00pm, Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm and Sunday 12:00noon to 5:00pm.


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